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Webinar - Managing an Activist Campaign

​​Managing an Activist Campaign | Webinar
11 January 3:00pm U.K. (10:00am Eastern Standard Time)
Paul Taylor, Director of Research​, Welund

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A cross-sector, top-level introducti​on to managing an activist campaign, drawing on numerous case study examples and real-life scenarios. Our aim is to inform those steering government policy and security management to ensure that the impact of activist activity is minimized acros​s the organisation. This would be tackled across three broad sections:

1. Intelligence Gathering and Collation. In responding to an activist threat it is critical that any response that involves gathering intelligence on the group(s) opposing a company is gathered in a legal, ethical and proportionate manner. There are countless examples of government agencies being embarrassed and even suffering significant financial and reputational damage, when it emerged what they had attempted to do in responding to activist threats.

2. Controlling the Response. In responding to a threat from activist groups it is critical that any response is determined by the way in which they react and we will explore how targeted government agencies can make use of real-time intelligence as well as advice on what likely reaction their actions may provoke.

​3. Managing 'Vulnerability Perception'. For most activist and campaigning groups there is an almost unlimited number of government agencies and corporations they can target but, generally, the decision as to which they should go after comes down to two factors: how much they have annoyed them and how vulnerable the agency or corporation is perceived to be.