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Stop, Challenge and Choose: The Power of Leading with Intention

A webinar presented by The Full Circle Group.

Ancient wisdom and the most current research in neuroscience tell us that focused attention and good judgment cannot coexist with frenzied, anxious, and reactive thinking. As most leaders are well aware, the edge between these two mindsets is often razor-thin.

The complexity and pace of change in today’s business environment often throws leaders into this reactive stance, shutting down their ability to lead effectively in exactly the situations where they need to be at their most creative and grounded.

The most effective leaders know this and work to intentionally develop the ability to stay calm, clear, and focused on the long-term vision (what we call creative leadership) even when under intense pressure.

In this webinar, we will discuss the dynamic that pulls leaders into operating from a reactive stance. From there, we will provide a framework and tool that will help leaders build the awareness and ability to shift to an intentional, creative leadership stance.

Tuesday, 30 July | 10:00 am ET (US)