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Risky Roads Mapping Traveler Safety

Webinar | 15 July 2014 11:00 a.m. EST

Why road safety matters today
Around the world, 3,300 preventable road deaths occur every day, according to the "Global Status Report on Road Safety," which was released last year by the World Health Organization. That comes to 1.2 million deaths a year. And traffic accidents are a leading cause of injury and death for business travelers and expatriates working abroad. In fact, road accidents are one of the leading reasons for evacuation of travelers to foreign countries, according to International SOS research.

What can organizations do to help manage these risks and build a road safety culture within their organization?
Find out by attending this complimentary webinar in which experts will share:
  • The latest trends/highlights in terms of road safety as well as the programs that Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) have implemented worldwide with their members;
  • Learn best practices from Johnson & Johnson's approach to managing road safety;
  • Key takeaways for you to consider in implementing a road safety program for your organization.
Who should attend:
Anyone who manages or is responsible for employees overseas will benefit from this webinar, including those in the areas of medical, security, human resources, business continuity, risk management, travel, HSE and legal.
To help mitigate the risks associated with road accidents abroad, International SOS and CSO Roundtable are bringing you this program in conjunction with the International SOS Foundation which has joined with the GRSP to promote road safety.


Mike Chippendale
Communications Manager & GRSI Program Manager,
Global Road Safety Partnership

Sandra Lee
Director, Worldwide Fleet Safety Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability,
Johnson & Johnson