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CSO Roundtable Webinar: Using Social Media to Assess Terrorism Threats

​​Webinar | Monday, February 8, 2016 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)​​​

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​In the last three years, terrorism threats in the Middle East and North Africa have diversified, with previously high-profile groups like AQIM struggling to remain relevant in the face of Islamic State. Other groups have emerged with a track record of targeting business and foreign interests, including in Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. They have made particular use of social media to issue threat and claim attacks.

This presentation looks at what is driving these trends and how monitoring of social media can aid effective terrorism threat assessments. It will also make forecasts as to how the terrorism threat is likely to evolve in the coming years, with a particular focus on the threat to infrastructure and business.

Kayla Branson is an Associate in the Intelligence & Analysis department of the Risk Advisory Group. She is responsible for political and security coverage of the North Africa and specializes in jihadist groups operating in the region.

In 2014, she conducted research in Tunisia for Cambridge University on Salafist Jihadists. Her findings were published in the Journal of North African Studies in December. Since joining Risk Advisory she has worked on several bespoke cases for clients in different sectors. She has also given several high-level briefings and interviews to the international press regarding developments in the region.

Kayla obtained an MSc in Middle East Politics with Distinction at the School of Oriental and African Studies, where she specialized in urban resistance movements. She completed her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where she specialized in international politics and contemporary Arab studies.

This webinar is open to CSO Roundtable Members and those eligible to join.